Monday, February 16, 2009

Store update

I just did a quick update to make selecting fabrics easier. Instead of having all the fabrics in one place I have put them into separate posts sorted by colours. You can now click on the colours on the right side to view the fabrics.

Multicoloured fabrics

Multi coloured stripes

Red/Yellow/Orange/Pink flowers

Farm life


Yellow fabrics

Yellow circle swirls

Cream fabrics

Cream crumpled paper

Cream USA state birds & flowers

Cream flowers

Cream/red & black filigree stripes

Green fabrics

Lemon/green daisy stripe


Purple fabrics

Pink Fabrics

Pink cats

White/pink flowers

Pink check/white flowers

Pink/white printed flowers

Red fabrics

Heart patchwork

Red/min white dots

Red apples

Red funky circles

Red pinwheels

Red flower bouquets

Black fabrics

Dogs in bags

Black/white wavy dot lines

Black/white dots

Blue fabrics

Blue dogs

Blue Ladybug

Blue Sports Balls

White/navy blue flowers

White/navy blue leaves


Navy blue check/white flowers

Light blue check/white flowers

Light blue/white flower print

How to order your covers

To the right you will see a list of fabric choices. Click on your colour preference and view the fabrics. Please note that some fabrics may be gone or very low on quantity.
If you don't find a fabric that you like please let me know what colours and theme you are searching for and I will try and source the fabric for you.
To place an order email me your fabric
choices and what machines you want covers for. I will also need what wording you would like on the flap of the

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